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Sweet Love Is What You'll Get When Beloved Cupcakes Is In The Kitchen

Don't let the pretty face fool you. She's a beast when it comes to baking!

I think Anita Baker's hit song, "Sweet Love" was made specifically for this talented young lady. Samantha Lynn is the beautiful pastry chef behind Beloved Cupcakes. Samantha or Sam as she often goes by, acquired her skills from her aunt and godmother. She worked in the bakery at Costco as well, assisting in cake decorating. Samantha knew however, that she wanted way more than what Costco had to offer, but was grateful for her time there.

Upon realizing her dream, Samantha took the initiative to start Beloved Cupcakes. She stated in her interview that, "Beloved was God's love for his chosen." Well, if you sincerely love cupcakes, cakes, and sweets as much as God loves his chosen, then Beloved was the perfect name! She's been in business for "two years strong" she says, and has no intentions on pumping the breaks now. With great aspirations of opening a storefront, Samantha sees herself being more mobile for her customers. Instead of a food truck, she plays with the idea of having a food bike. Okay, we see you girl!!! Think outside the box! At the moment though, Samantha offers delivery options for her sweets and treats. At a point in time, Samantha had the opportunity to sell her sweets out of Fat Boy's Wings and Tings in North Miami Beach, Florida, and also out of a very well known mall in South Florida, Pembroke Lakes Mall. She's also been featured on popular South Florida radio stations 99Jamz and Hot 105 and has catered for Cool Chris's Rum Punch.

As the sole owner of Beloved Cupcakes, Samantha eventually plans to bring on her cousin as co-owner who already plays a major role in the business. Samantha also knows the importance of great female role models as she's had women like her godmother and aunt Jeanine to look up to. Her aunt always believed in her and gave her the inspiration she needed to keep striving for the top.That's why Samantha offering baking classes to little girls (and boys if they would like) is amazingly admirable.

This Miami native is not only an extraordinary pastry chef, she's also a devoted and loving wife and mother. She says her family motivates her and that's what keeps her going. Samantha loves baking she says, as it brings her peace and relaxation. She also says that she loves the fact she can bring happiness and joy to her customers. With cupcake and cake flavors ranging from strawberry lemonade, to red velvet, and even pina colada, there's bound to be something that becomes your ultimate favorite. Flavors change periodically but you'll always find something for every holiday and occasion, including Coco Chanel and Fortnite cakes

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