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Everyday Is Soul Food Sunday At Gigi's Place

Have you ever drove pass a place a million times and you always say, "One day, I'm going to stop by and check it out." Welp, that was me. I drove pass Gigi' Place quite a few times and saw their sign from the main road. It sits, almost hidden, in a plaza adjacent to a barbershop, a Dollar General, and a few other places.

I dropped my oldest off to school and returned home to prepare for the day with the girls. I wondered the entire time getting ready would we make it out of the house on the time schedule I had in my mind. Thank the good Lord we did, whoo! We finally got to Gigi's Place and the warmth on that cold and rainy Friday of not only the restaurant, but the staff as well was pleasantly appreciated. I proceeded to situate the girls, but not before making sure my 2-year-old's stuffed Carfax fox and horses were okay. They had a high chair so it accommodated my toddler. Perhaps getting a few more highchairs would be ideal if more people with kids come in, but they may have had more in the back. Either way it was time to get down to the get down!

I go to order my food and Hallie or Holly (forgive me for mispronouncing/mispelling) was very attentive and helpful. She let me know what she liked, what the plates came with and didn't come with, and she made sure to upsell! I love it! I got the curry chicken, brown rice, cabbage, cornbread, and macaroni &cheese. It was really good and a lot just for lunch. I didn't even eat breakfast and was already getting full. I actually had some leftover that I took home.

All in all, Gigi's Place is a great spot to check out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Kids 12 and under also eat free every Wednesday with the purchase of one adult meal between 3pm and 9pm. It's family oriented and filled with great food and people. Brian, the operations manager popped in on us and gave a little Gigi's Place history lesson. He's very nice and I enjoyed speaking with him.

When in Covington, Ga, dine at Gigi's Place!



Atlanta, GA, USA


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